Chips and Dip

Upset you missed National Margarita Day on Wednesday? Didn’t know that National Day even existed and are now upset you had an excuse to drink on a Wednesday and did not?! Well this should cheer you up. Today is National Tortilla Chip Day! What better place to celebrate America’s favorite triangle shaped crunchy snack then at your favorite Mexican establishment. So do yourself a favor and go get some warm tortilla chips, table side guac, and wash it all down with a cold 48oz margarita pitcher — to share of course.

Good talk. See you out there!

As promised, here are some Friday Funday links:

    • Speaking of alcohol, what better to drink during these cold winter months than some stomach warming whiskey? Here are 10 great winter whiskies to help warm your soul.
    • You guys like peeps, right? You know, the Easter candy that literally never goes bad. The same candy you could find in your mom’s pantry 3 years later and those delicious sugar coated ‘mallows are still fresh — maybe a little stiff, but definitely edible. Check out this year’s new flavors.
    • Make winter fun again! Who needs traditional saucers, toboggans and sled when you go cruise down legendary Sunset Hill on a pair of Sled Legs!
    • Have you ever wanted to, “find out what the world is”? A French performing artist is about to find out — by sealing himself inside a giant stone for eight days. (Yes, you read that right.) I am guessing there is no toilet or shower in there.
    • Please tell me, you guys love Narwhals just as much as we do — the unicorns of the sea! No? Well after watching this highly accurate documentary, you may just change your mind. #oldiebutgoodie


Until next week, cheers!

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